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ZRC issues production release of V7 firmware for SwitchGlo Pro. No different then V6 (below) except it resolves a couple programming issues for us internally.

06/20/10 Press Release

ZRC announces "Version 6 Firmware for SwitchGlo Pro" with added features plus extended glow time for Airplane use.

List of SwitchGlo Pro V6 updates
1. Increased glow intensity.
2. Increased 12 second auto shut off to 15 seconds.
3. Changed Sip-1 UP; 60 second auto shutoff changes to always "ON", meaning no auto shutoff while switched ON.
4. Added "Pushbutton extended glow termination". For Pushbutton users who press the button multiple times for extended glow, they can now hold the button down for 2 seconds to kill the glow early.
5. Added LED support on SwitchGlo Pro's "Accessory Port".  For use with optional LED/Pushbutton Modules (sold separately). These Modules allow for custom Pushbutton and/or LED mounting to allow a LED visual while SwitchGlo Pro is activated and your glow plug is glowing.
6. Added 15 sec glow buzzer during Sip-1 UP (glow always ON) & Sip-4 UP (Buzzer OFF) scenario. For users running full time glow and don't want to hear the buzzer, this allows for the buzzer to activate for only the first 15 seconds of glow giving the user a buzz during engine start. This also allows the craft locator feature to stay in tact.

All new SwitchGlo Pros sold from this website will include V6 firmware. We do offering a FREE Firmware upgrade for any SwitchGlo Pro owner if they mail in their units along with $5 return shipping cost.  We we also will perform FREE firmware upgrades at the events we attend including IRCHA.

To identify your firmware version, look for the blacked out number on the number grid on the back of your SwitchGlo Pro. Previous SwitchGlo Pro firmware versions are 4 & 5. This firmware upgrade is not compatible with the original (green) SwitchGlo.

If you would like to mail your SwitchGlo Pro in for an upgrade, send it with delivery confirmation and $5 payable to ZRC to:

ZRC - V6 Upgrade
9207 Deering Ave Ste B
Chatsworth CA 91311

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07/01/10 Press Release

ZRC announces "PushGlo". Revolutionizing glow igniting for the Car and Truck community!
ZRC Press Release - PushGlo.pdf

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